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Welcome to the Max360 Health website! If you are suffering with pain and disease or if you are searching for a lifetime of preventative wellness care, you are in the right place. We believe in treating and correcting the root cause not the outward symptoms of sickness and disease. Along with chiropractic care, you will be educated and equipped with cutting-edge health and nutritional information and tools that will last a lifetime.

Begin your journey to a better quality of life today! We are conveniently located in Alpharetta, Georgia. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve a greater level of health.

Nutritional Consultation in Alpharetta

Here at Max 360 Health, we are dedicated to ensuring that you live a happy and healthy life. Starting with the basics, we will create a personalized plan of action to tackle what ever problem that my ail you. We can help if you want to lose weight, reduce stress or start eating healthier. We combine medicine, diagnostics and chiropractic treatments to accomplish what ever goals you set for yourself.

Alpharetta Nutrition Coach

Alpharetta chiropractor, Dr Sean Savedoff, also serves the surrounding communities including – Roswell, East Cobb, Johns Creek and other communities local to our office. Call and Schedule Your Appointment Today!

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